Zambia – Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The last Hours

What can I say? What can I say more than: Good bye and see you!


In these last few weeks I really felt like I had actually “arrived” in Zambia, that I had settled down and that I could actually start seeing the real Zambia…

I am really happy to go back home as well.


The end of my time in Zambia was filled with many funny, interesting, shocking, eye-opening, mind blowing moments. It would be too much to write here about those…but I will share some of my photos with you!

The last week of April, I stayed with Renate, a Swiss nurse. I went with her on Outreach (going to villages that are up to 40km in the bush to see patients), listened to the patients’ stories and took a couple of pictures.
Here are some of the places the consultations took place at and some of the patients.

A class room

A church…well…”future-church”

Patients waiting outside.

That week was also the last week of my internship…So in the first week of May I “pretended” to be a tourist and went to Livingstone, to see the Victoria Falls.
Width of 1,708m + height of 108m + about 10mio l/s = very big, very beautiful and impressive and very, very wet!
Walking along the Zambian side of the falls you get wet to the bones and when taking pictures you risk ruining your camera…
But it is totally worth it!!

Take a look:

After two days of Victoria Falls, I went for three days to Botswana, to the Chobe National Park.
Well, three days of nothing else than sun, wind and animals in a beautiful scenery.

I was a tourist for one week and after that went back to Renate.
The last days I was either with Renate on Outreach, in the BMI office, in town to buy some souvenirs or at home relaxing and mentally getting ready for the “Big Goodbye”.

And now I have only about 10 hours left…!

That is a very weird feeling.

I am really looking forward to going back home…no question about that…But in these last few weeks I really felt like I had actually “arrived” in Zambia, that I had settled down and that I could actually start seeing the real Zambia…
I felt like I had found my place here.

Well, there is this German saying:  “You should always stop in the nicest moment.” (I know that is a word-by-word translation, but I really didn’t know how to translate it any better…)
So I suppose, this is again one of those moments…


But the good thing is: I know that I am not leaving for forever. I am coming back!!!

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